The freight/shipping is 14 € / card. We collaborate with Schenker and Postnord. You can always track your parcel and see if it has been shipped out etc. Since the recipent choose their own gift it will for sure be very satisfied with their choice. Do not think that a gift card detract from the personal in a carefully chosen gift, rather the opposite. With the ability to make the giftcard personal by adding a greeting or a company logo it will most likely be perceived as extra selected and personalized.


The recipient of the giftcard redeems the card by going to Where the recipient logs in with gift card numbers and passwords. Once the recipient has entered the correct credentials he or she will be presented with all the gift options. All that appears online is in stock.


The recipient can now choose their gift from the options presented. They have to enter their personal information so we can deliver the package. Once they have completed filling out all required data they will receive an email with an order confirmation.


We will process your order and send it to the selected delivery point or directly to your door (depending on the size of the parcel). The average delivery time was last year 3-4 days however during high-peak this can be slightly longer.

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