Why choose Vinga Giftcard

Gift cards are an excellent way to show appreciation in the workplace. We have a wide range of well know brands covering home decor, beauty, and electronic products. With a versatile gift card, the recipient can choose exactly what they want. By giving a gift, not only do you show that you appreciate and acknowledge their contributions, but you also help employee engagement and foster good working relationships, creating a positive work environment.

A gift for all occasions

Below are some examples of occasions when it’s appropriate to give a gift card to show appreciation.



    “We want to thank you for an amazing end of year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”



    “Thank you for all the brilliant teamwork this spring. Enjoy a lovely long summer!”



    “Congratulations on your new car and thank you for choosing us.”



    “The house is yours! Congratulations on your new home where you will have many happy experiences.”



    “Happy birthday! We want to celebrate your day with this gift card.”



    “We did it! Superb effort and thank you for your incredible contributions.”



    “Now a wonderful new chapter of life awaits you. We want to thank you for your work with this gift card.”



    Of course, there are countless reasons to celebrate and show gratitude.

6 reasons to choose Vinga Giftcard



Strong brands create beautiful memories

In addition to Vinga’s own brands, we offer many other famous brands – popular with both givers and recipients. As a market leader in gifts and gift cards, we strive to offer the best at all times, looking for new brands to add.


The market’s widest selection of well-known brands

There are always at least 250 different choices on the gift cards. We offer a range that has something for everyone. If you choose to give our gift card to customers and employees, we are confident that they will find a gift that they will value and enjoy.

Let the recipient choose freely

Avoid the risk of duplicating a gift or choosing something unsuitable by enabling the recipients to choose themselves. This means the gift will always be valued, and not wasted.

Moreover, our wide range of products guarantees that your customers and employees will find something they enjoy.


Safe and Fast

Our customer service is available to answer any questions and help you find the best solution for your needs! We usually deliver gift cards within 4-6 business days.

Customised Solutions

With us, you have the opportunity to design text messages, emails, or PDFs to give your gift card a personal touch. Of course, you can also choose from our selection of images or greetings. If you’re in a hurry, it’s a relief to have an easy option. We are happy to help you develop ideas based on your preferences. For special requests, contact us and we’ll find the best solution tailored to your wishes – we love challenges!


Strong Focus on the Environment and CSR

We actively work to monitor all the factories where our products are manufactured. For all external brands, we require them to have a well-developed CSR policy covering both positive social and environmental activities. Vinga of Sweden is a member of BSCI, an organisation that works towards good conditions at production facilities.

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