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Vinga of Sweden AB, “Vinga of Sweden”, has a strong focus on the work field area Informatics and Digitalization. We strive to be an industry leader in the area where the vision is to offer fully integrated turnkey solutions to customers and partners. Our quest pervades both work processes as well as digital tools where we process personal data related to customers, employees and former employees within the organization. Vinga of Sweden is committed to protecting the personal privacy and comply with European Law for General Data Protection Regulation with the motive to obtain the highest standard for all stakeholders in contact with Vinga of Sweden. This privacy policy describes how Vinga of Sweden relate to the data and information relating to personal data and the privacy of individuals as well as employees and additional stakeholders in contact with Vinga of Sweden´s IT environment. The policy further clarifies how Vinga of Sweden defines personal data.



Personal data are all data and information that directly or indirectly with other data can be linked to a living, physical individual. It includes information such as: image, name and contact information, etc. which constitute personal data. When a task is performed, automatic as well as manual, a processing of the personal data takes place. Common examples of the treatment of personal data is the collection, recording, storage and organization of the data.



Vinga of Sweden is responsible for the company’s treatment of personal information.



The personal data that Vinga of Sweden processes are your first and last name, email address, telephone number, purchase-, payment- and order history, shipping address and IP address. The data are stored within various time spectrums based on the type of personal information that is being collected and the purpose of its storage. Vinga of Sweden complies with national and international laws and regulations and always use morality and ethics as a strong guideline when it relates to marketing activities. You always have a right to withdraw consent for marketing activities or equivalent activities to the extent that it does not interfere with laws or regulations.



The types of personal information that is being collected are used to complete tasks in the ongoing business and fulfill our commitment to you and your order. If this type of data is not collected, Vinga of Sweden can not fulfil the contract and thus can not provide the requested product.

In addition, your email address may be collected for processing into marketing activities, customized emails with the subject to a balancing of your interests. Vinga of Sweden is of the opinion that if you complete an order from our product range, it should also be in your interest to receive special promotions for the products. However, as an end customer you always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from future mailings. Below follows a presentation of which personal data that is being collected and the reason for collecting it:

Processing of your order
We use your personal information to process the delivery, notification and handling of complaints and warranty claims. The personal information that is being collected is name, address, email address, phone number and purchase information. We store this information in order to fulfill the contract and they are stored during 36 months with the reason to be able to handle any complaints and warranty claims.

Fulfilment of the organization’s legal obligations
We use your personal information in order to fulfil the legal obligations that are owed to Vinga of Sweden, for example, the Accounting Law, the Money Laundering Law, Product Safety, Communication and other equivalent laws. The personal information that is being collected is your name, address, email address, phone number and purchase information. We store this information in order to communicate with you as an end consumer in case of production errors in one or more products as well as to comply with other legal obligations. They are stored in the required time in relation to the legal obligations.

Management of customer service
We use your personal information in order to communicate and answer questions for our customer service. The personal information that is being collected is your name, address, email address, phone number, your correspondence with us and purchase information. We store this information both in our and your interest to be able to resolve customer service cases. The data is stored in 36 months.

Management of campaigns and promotions
We use your personal information in order to provide campaigns and promotions. The personal information that is being collected is your first and last name, email address and telephone number. Vinga of Sweden is of the opinion that if you complete an order from our product range, it is also in your interest to receive promotions on the products. Your personal information is stored in 36 months if you do not choose earlier than that to unsubscribe to the mailing.



Personal Data Processors. We may share your personal information to organizations to be able to offer our services, these are so-called personal data processors. It is a company that can process the information on our behalf and in accordance with a set of instructions that is being controlled by processing agreements. We have agreements with Personal Data Processors that help us with:
1. Transport (logistics and freight companies)
2. Payment solutions (card processing companies)
3. Marketing (advertising agencies)
4. IT services (operation, technical support and maintenance of IT solutions including business systems)

If we share your personal data to a Personal Data Processor it is only done so if the task is compatible with the purposes for which we collected the personal data for. We have an open discussion and set high standards for all our Personal Data Processors where the aim is to possess written agreements with all parties.

Independent Data Controller. We share your personal information with companies which are independent personal data controllers. This means that the company itself determines how they deal with your data and information, regulated by its own privacy policy and personal data management. Companies in this category are:
1. State authorities (police, tax authorities and other authorities).
2. Companies that administer public goods transport.
3. Payment solutions (card processing companies).


Vinga of Sweden stores your personal data within the EU/EEA but may in connection to maintenance need to store information outside these limits. At those occasions we will account for reasonable legal-, technical- and organizational actions to ensure to maintain a high level of protection.



You as an individual have in accordance with GDPR the right to be deleted from our system, i.e. have your personal data deleted from Vinga of Sweden’s register. Please note that there are laws which require us to store personal data, thus can not always all of your information be deleted. We store your personal data during 36 months for the reason that we need to be able to manage any complaints & claims.



If you send a resume and/or a personal letter to us during a recruitment process, it will be stored in a specific storage space with permission protection. When the recruitment process is subsequently completed, all resumes and cover letters from the storage space will be deleted. Speculative applications including CV and/or cover letter will be stored in a specific storage space with permission protection. Documents are stored for a maximum of 12 months and is gradually being erased.



It is a small text file consisting of numbers and letters that are sent from our Web server and stored in your browser or device. Vinga of Sweden uses cookies primarily to enhance the services we provide at the same time as they improve the user experience. Moreover, the cookies are being used for analytical data as well as to save functional information, such as the language setting on the site.



In your browser there are settings on how to manage cookies and its extent. You may easily set this up by visiting the browser settings and navigate your way from there. These settings include information such as how long you should save your cookies and what cookies you choose to use.



We at Vinga of Sweden takes data privacy very seriously and are proactively working within this field, however, we have initially some restrictions in the disclosure of personal information. We strive towards a simplified process for the disclosure of personal data and appreciate if you as a consumer maintain your patience while we are in this process. According to GDPR, you as an individual have the right to request a register transcript of your personal data which we will provide you with within a reasonable time frame.



Vinga of Sweden is continuously working with Data Protection and Privacy, which may raise a series of questions for you as a consumer. You are always welcome to contact us at;

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