Gift card Extravagance

$63.90 /per unit
(Shipping: $14 /per unit)

Gift card Extravagance is the card for those who want a little more with a wide range of quality products and a number of well-known brands such as Rosendahl, Snow, Wilson, Allers Media, Vinga of Sweden and many more. The range consists of different products in categories such as home decor, leisure, media, entertainment, etc. Additionally, you can customize your own design as well as the website, read more about the Extravagans Gift Card and its additional services below.


Gift card Extravagance is a slightly more expensive and therefore more exclusive card. The gift card contains a wide range of quality items from well-known brands such as Rosendahl, Snö of Sweden, Wilson, Allers Media, Vinga of Sweden, Electrolux, Dr Zipe, Grinda Stockholm, Koss, Saddler, Amanda Christensen etc. It is a gift card for you who appreciate a wide range of items. We have products in the categories Kitchen & Entertaining, Decoration, Active life, Accessories, Bathroom, Electronics, Media, and Entertaining & Experience. You promise that you always have 50 options but usually there are a lot more than that.

The recipient of the gift card makes his selection on the webpage Getmygift is customised to give the recipient a great experience and an easy orientation. It is easy for the recipient to select the gift he/she wants and then to place the order. The gifts displayed online are always in stock, we can therefore reassure that the recipient always gets what he/she chooses. We deliver the gift within 10 working days.

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